Saturday, July 05, 2008

Edinburgh Fringe - Good Food Guide

We've realised that there is one important element missing from our "Tips for Fringe goers" - Food. There are shows where food is provided as an integral part of the experience such as Death by Chocolate or Faulty Towers, and there are others where it is part of an 'event" such as the 'Special Performances' of Romeo & Juliet. But what about the days when you have to fend for yourself? In the hope of getting as many suggestions as we give, here are our favourites from last year...
When choosing shows to see, the Traverse is a good place to begin, and it's pretty much the same when choosing somewhere to eat. The Traverse Bar & Cafe has a decent selection of tasty food at reasonable prices, and most importantly does a great line in quick service when you're desperate to grab a bite between shows. We're particularly fond of the Chilli Nachos ourselves.

If you're lucky enough to be around Castle Terrace (just along from the Traverse) on a Saturday between 9am and 2pm you'll also have the opportunity to grab some food from the fantastic Edinburgh Farmers' Market. The large number of stalls usually include a number selling hot cooked items to take away - including venison and ostrich burgers. This year we might even give the 'Hog roast' a go. The rest of the week you'll just have to walk up Johnston Terrace where there was a nice BBQ and terrace bar down behind 'C Too' last year which will hopefully return again.

Bristo Square has plenty of stalls and bars around - inside and out - but we prefer to avoid the queues and head into the Pleasance Dome where the Mosque Kitchen has taken over an area providing instant hits of great food. Although this year we might try and get to the nearby 'proper' 'Mosque Kitchen' instead.

Close to the Pleasance is Barioja on Jeffrey Street which we discovered last year when desperately looking for somewhere to shelter from the rain. They do a great 'Menu of the Day' tapas selection for a very reasonable price and we'll definitely be heading back there.

But remember, no matter how rushed you are, no matter how loudly your stomach is rumbling or how tempting they smell, never, NEVER give in to the urge to eat one of those 'hot dog in a baguette' type things.

So, where else in Edinburgh is it possible to get some decent food without breaking the bank and that has quick enough service that it won't leave your tightly planned schedule in tatters?