Sunday, February 26, 2012

Getting back up and running...

Illness (our own and other people's) severely restricted our theatregoing in November & December. Nothing serious, but the potential blows from people sitting near us as we coughed our way through shows may well have turned out to be life-threatening.

We missed two of the three Christmas shows we had booked ('Mister Merlin' at the Tron and 'Robinson Crusoe' at the Clyde Auditorium) but we did manage to get fit enough to enjoy 'Wicked Christmas' at the Citizens. We also made it to the National Theatre of Scotland's 'Staging the Nation' event at the Kings in Glasgow on the theme of 'Pantomime & Variety' which made for an entertaining afternoon.

We'd hoped to recharge and reboot with a quiet January but events conspired against us. And with me spending more time in doctor's surgeries than theatres in February, it's taken until now for us to get our 2012 theatre trips up and running.

We're looking forward to seeing "Plume" at the Tron this week and although work may get in the way, I'm hopeful of catching Oran Mor's 250th play - "The Jean-Jacques Rousseau Show".

We've not really had the chance to look further ahead than that as yet but we'll try to post a preview of our plans in the next week or so. And we will eventually get round to writing up a Review of the Year for 2011.