Friday, May 13, 2011

Website Problems

As many of you will be aware Blogger has had some serious difficulties in the last few days. While View From the Stalls doesn't seem to have been down at any time, Blogger took the decision to 'roll back' the system and temporarily remove posts made during a time period of several hours. As a result it removed our post about the announcement of the shortlists for the Critics' Awards for Theatre in Scotland for most of today.

Fortunately it appears that normal service has now been resumed.


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Critics' Awards for Theatre in Scotland shortlists

Congratulations to all those on the shortlists for the CATS awards 2010-2011 which were announced today. Disappointingly, despite seeing rather a lot of theatre in the last 12 months we only managed to see two of the productions recognised. While we are delighted to see "Roadkill" feature deservedly in 5 categories we're a little surprised it didn't also get the nod for John Kazek for Best Male Performance. The only other nominated show we saw was Molly Taylor's charming "Love Letters to the Public Transport System" which appears in the Best New Play category.

Other shows with multiple nominations include Dundee Rep's "Sweeney Todd", Stellar Quines/Lyceum's "Age of Arousal", the National Theatre of Scotland's "The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart" and the Traverse's "The Three Musketeers and the Princess of Spain".

We can't comment on shows we didn't see - other than to say that they must have been brilliant to edge out some of the shows we did see. There are two in particular that we expected to feature in a few categories this year that the critics have overlooked entirely - the Citizens brilliant "One Million Tiny Plays about Britain" and the Tron's outrageous "Valhalla!".

The full shortlist is available at the CATS website and the winners will be announced in a ceremony on Sunday 12th June.