Friday, December 29, 2006

Now Booking / Coming Soon - Early 2007

As we approach the New Year it becomes time to start booking for shows in 2007, so we started today by booking up for a number of shows at the Citizens' and we'll add a few others over the next week or so once we've identified shows to see. So here's what you can expect to see reviews of in the new year... (All shows at the Citizens unless noted)

The Crucible
Les Liaisons Dangereuses
My Bloody Valentine
The Little World of Don Camillo

The Recovery Position (NTS Young Company at Platform, Easterhouse)
The Rise and Fall of Little Voice
Ice Cream Dreams
Aalst (NTS at the Tramway, Glasgow)
When A Star Falls (SYT at SYT Building)

Futurology: A Global Revue (NTS at the SECC, Glasgow)
Black Watch (NTS at the Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow & touring)

The Tempest
We Will Rock You (STF at Rothes Hall, Glenrothes)

His Dark Materials (Scottish Youth Theatre - venue tbc)

All good stuff but I'm particularly looking forward to a few of them -
"The Crucible" as I've never seen it, and love "Death of a Salesman"
"Re:Union" about unions between nations as I like a bit of political theatre
"Ice Cream Dreams" as I found out today it requires a stage extension covering the first 5 rows of the stalls and they can only use the front row of the Circle, so book now if it interests you as tickets will be very limited.

We missed out on seeing "Black Watch" at the Edinburgh Festival last year so we're delighted that we'll get a chance to catch it on tour this year, and although Musicals aren't really my thing I'm looking forward to "We Will Rock You" as it is being put together by the great folks over at the Scottish Theatre Forum.

We'll continue to update this post as we make plans to see shows, and where possible we've tried to book for the beginning of runs so that reviews will be available in time for you to still book for shows with longer runs. Please note that tickets are not yet on sale for some of these shows.

As you can see it's quite an intense start to the year and we hope to continue to bring our thoughts and reviews of all the best Scottish Theatre has to offer.

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Waldorf said...

It's an interesting mix of stuff we've got coming up and Statler has pointed what he's particularly keen on.

I thought I'd add my 2p worth.

"The Tempest" is going to be my second Shakespeare after A Midsummer Night's Dream last year. It's not a play that I know at all, but I'm interested to see how I cope with this.

Les Liaisons Dangereuse, again a classic tale. However one of the reasons we like both The Citizens' Theatre and student/youth productions (this one is Reid Kerr College) is that they tend to take a fresh look at things.

There's also a couple of NTS things coming up that we're still deciding on - we'll post once we've got them sorted.