Sunday, March 11, 2007

"Volpone" - March 2007

Sadly not a review - more of a lesson learned, so apologies to those of you hoping to hear all about this show... Back at the start of the year we spent a lot of time scheduling what shows to see, and although we liked the sound of "Volpone" by Theatre Babel at the Citizens, we had so many other theatre trips planned around the same time we had to drop a couple - including "Volpone".

Those of you who visit us by way of the Scottish Theatre Forum will now be wondering why "Volpone" was included in our upcoming shows when we updated our banner only last week. Well, we managed to find an opening in our diaries that we thought would allow us to catch "Volpone" after all. Sadly, although the Citizens website suggested there were tickets available, when we actually tried to book we discovered that it was sold out - and not just for that show but for the entire run. Suddenly finding ourselves disappointed and feeling like we were missing out on something, we even tried to see the show in Perth - only to find it sold out there also.

I guess it was just a show we were never meant to see, but it has reminded us that we shouldn't always expect to be able to book up at short notice, and it is great to see shows like this selling out in advance. But we will make sure we book up nice and early for Theatre Babel's next production because they obviously have a great reputation.