Sunday, September 07, 2008

"An Audience With... Dennis Taylor - September 2008

Even those who aren't compulsive viewers of snooker will remember that final between Dennis Taylor and Steve Davis, if they're over a certain age (I'm obviously just old enough). Now retired from professional snooker, and working with the BBC commentary team, Dennis Taylor was the latest visitor to the Citizens' Theatre.
Telling Irish jokes that only someone from Ireland can get away with, mixed with anecdotes and reflections from his time on the circuit and his current work with the BBC we had an entertaining evening. Although the jokes weren't always new, Dennis Taylor has an infectious way of telling a tale that has you laughing along with him regardless.

We got to see the glamerous side of snooker with its international travel, whilst being reminded about the hardwork of the journeyman player doing the holiday camp circuit. The snooker enthusiast who had come along with us was particularly interested to hear that Taylor will be working with Ronnie O'Sullivan in the coming season.

Taylor is obviously comfortable in front of an audience, and was happy to interact with what was clearly quite a knowledgeable crowd.