Thursday, February 25, 2010

"The City" - February 2010

Okay, Martin Crimp, we get it. Writing characters is difficult. If you're not careful the dialogue sounds stilted and unnatural, leaving conversations between characters feeling like they are addressed to the audience rather than to each other. And we appreciate it's hard to avoid creating the same character again and again. Their stories and experiences, even their clothes, seem to bleed into one another. But could you not have just told us that in an interview or programme note rather than prove it by writing a play that delivers a masterclass in bad writing? Was there really any need to waste the time of a talented cast by having them perform it - and worse still, our time in watching it?

We received our tickets for the show through our membership of the Tron's Patrons scheme which we thoroughly recommend for anyone who is a regular attendee at the Tron.

The City runs at the Tron until 6th March
Image by Jacek Hubner used with permission