Friday, July 09, 2010

"Valhalla!" - July 2010

Tron Theatre Company's Valhalla! is undoubtedly the most ridiculous, nonsensical, foul mouthed, drug fuelled piece of theatre we have ever come across. Did we mention that we loved it?

Completely insane, breathtakingly funny, and lip-bitingly outrageous. I honestly think it has to be seen to be believed. The entire cast of Johnny McKnight, Mark Prendergast, Joyce Falconer, Sally Reid, James Anthony Pearson, Grant Smeaton and Mairi Phillips are phenomenal. Paul Rudnick's writing is razor sharp and Andy Arnold's direction manages to bring a cohesive shape to scenes and storylines that cross all sorts of boundaries. And despite assaulting the audience with a two hour onslaught of verbal, visual and theatrical gags they somehow succeed in delivering a genuinely emotional last ten minutes.

This show really shouldn't work. But it does. Brilliantly.

We received our tickets for the show through our membership of the Tron's Patrons scheme which we thoroughly recommend for anyone who is a regular attendee at the Tron.

Valhalla! runs at the Tron until Saturday 24th July
Image by Richard Campbell used with permission.

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Anonymous said...

We agree. Valhalla is a splendiferous summer pantoesque play which dealt lightly with potentially melancholiic themes. Front row seats for full frontal nudity and simulated sex for starters. Find out about the mains for yourselves.Only section I would hack out was the Mrs Barrhead travel guide who was stereotypical and mechanical but lasted only a few minutes. Other than this it was refreshing and hilarious entertainment.