Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"Remember This" - Edinburgh Fringe 2011

For a variety of reasons (some relating to the play and some due to an on-coming head cold) I'll keep this one short and sweet. Written by Florence Vincent and Lizzie Bourne, "Remember This" is an engaging show with a well judged balance of light and dark. Annie Hardy's direction deftly handles a number of potential hazards, if perhaps signposting things from a little too early on. Daisy Badger gives a well crafted and considered performance as Helen while Paul Brotherston takes a more natural approach and brilliantly succeeds in making Nick the most believable character I've seen at the Fringe this year. In a supporting but crucial role, Emma Friedman-Cohen is tasked with a number of scenes that could make or break the show and sells them beautifully every time.

The Fringe is full of small scale personal dramas; few will pack the emotional punch of "Remember This"

Lastly, a bit of housekeeping. We have a policy of not accepting press tickets, but we're happy to take advantage of any offers available to the general public, and in this case I received a free ticket through the Theatre Ninjas website.

Remember This runs at Bedlam until Saturday 27th August
Image by Dan Harris used with permission