Sunday, August 07, 2016

Peppa Pig's Surprise! - July 2016

This wasn't really in our plans as we weren't sure Miss Ritz was quite ready for a full-on large scale theatre experience that the Kings in Glasgow - filled with toddlers - would provide. But a couple of weeks before the show, Miss Ritz was recalling how she had enjoyed her trip to In The Night Garden, and coincidentally that afternoon Waldorf was offered tickets to Peppa Pig Live from a friend who had booked but was unable to attend.

Although all of her previous theatre trips had been to small scale shows, our fears as to how she would cope in a full Kings were unfounded.  Although admittedly we did have good seats in the stalls - and I'm very glad we weren't in the Upper Circle!  The show itself was fairly painless from a parent's point of view and was a pretty good replication of the TV show. Mummy & Daddy Pig were performers in costume while the other younger characters were portrayed by performers with puppets (think Avenue Q without the adult humour). A simple enough tale of a trip to the seaside, but all of the favourite characters make an appearance and there are plenty of fun songs (although the take home CD (£8) grates after 20+ plays in the car).

At around 90 minutes, the show is a bit longer than many aimed at the very young audience and does have an interval.  While perhaps a little safe and unambitious, the show hits all the boxes required and Miss Ritz had an enjoyable time. Our one real disappointment was that photography was prohibited throughout, so Miss Ritz couldn't easily recall the day later - as she like to do.

More details on upcoming tour dates in at Peppa Pig Live