Thursday, May 17, 2007

We interrupt our scheduled intermission...

...for a short post about some e-mail problems and the Critics Awards for Theatre in Scotland shortlists.

First a bit of housekeeping - we appear to have had some e-mail issues recently where some mails sent to the address have not reached us. It seems to have affected some e-mails but not others but should now be fixed. We do respond to all e-mails, so if you contacted us but haven't heard back please accept our apologies, resend your e-mail, and we will get back to you.

Secondly, congratulations to all those who have been shortlisted for the Critics Awards for Theatre in Scotland. This includes a number of productions we managed to catch and review, headed unsurprisingly by a number of nominations for "Black Watch" but also including "Yellow Moon", "Aalst" and Gerda Stevenson's performance in "Frozen".

We now return to our scheduled intermission...

2 Heckles

Anonymous said...

I saw Frozen at the National in London, and although it was brilliantly done, I was really not ready to see it again.

Great to see Tom Fool getting nominated. Very well deserved.

Caught Black Watch in Pitlochry, and enjoyed it a lot. It was up there with those other iconic Scottish event theatre pieces: The Ship, The Big Picnic. Important theatre. Shame they can't get a location in London sorted out. (Noise problems apparently).

And wonderful to see Dundee Rep up for three nominations. This theatre consistently produces good productions. Domenic Hill is a star!

Thor Holt said...

Black watch was an awesome bit of Theatre, but would have been a touch more radical if it had told a bit of the story from the mind /point of view of the Iraq population.. perhaps even the mind POV of a "suicide bomber". I do not make these remarks flippantly.