Thursday, October 29, 2009

Open.Stage Playwriting competition

We're pretty sure that most of you, like us, have on occasion sat in the stalls thinking "God, I could write better than that". Well, now the Tron Theatre are throwing down a challenge asking you to prove it. And they are going to put their money where your mouth is. In a competition open to all adults living in Scotland or of Scottish origin living elsewhere in the UK and Ireland they are betting someone out there will contribute something the public will want to see - because come Autumn 2010 the winning play will receive a full scale production on the Tron stage.

Now of course, we don't really think we could do better - so we won't be entering. But this is a fantastic opportunity for those with writing ambitions. Experienced playwrights and complete novices writing their first play will compete on equal terms as submissions will be anonymous when assessed. You don't even need to write a whole play - well not at first. They are initially only looking for outline ideas for a play and sample scenes/dialogues to give an idea of your ability.

Submissions will be passed to a reading panel who will compile a shortlist for for an illustrious judging panel to select three plays which they believe have the most to offer. Each of these three plays will receive development funding, support and mentoring to get to a first draft stage when they will have a trailer filmed for the Tron website. And then those of us whose talent (?) lies in watching rather than writing get to have our say in an online vote. The two runners up will receive rehearsed readings of their play.

The Tron are aware of potential accusations of trying to get a play 'on the cheap' and it simply isn't what the contest is about - the winning writer will receive the full commission of £6,560. So get those thoughts on paper - but don't take too long over it, the closing date is Friday 18th December.

We think it's a great idea, and look forward to seeing the winning play this time next year.

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Lallands Peat Worrier said...

Sounds like an exciting scheme. Much obliged to you for bringing it to my attention - otherwise it would have quite passed me by.

Hopefully they spread the word a bit so that it doesn't become an insider's replication session and that some talented soul realises their potential and everyone else realises the possibilities for exciting development.

Now then, where did I put yon scrap of script...

Edward said...

I went along to the launch on Wednesday and I have to say that the impression I was given is that this initiative is genuinely open to new and unknown talent (like me!).

Folk like Tron director Andy were approachable and chatty in an informative way. Certainly gave an ex Write Tron member like me some useful steers.

It was also a good 'networking' opportunity... I got to learn all about this website chatting at the bar to a-man-from-view-from-the-stalls.