Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Edinburgh Fringe 2007 Preview - Part 2

Post updated with links to individual reviews.

We've already outlined our initial plans for the Fringe in our Preview post, but after a more in-depth look at the programme I've picked out a further 5 shows that I'll be attending at the Festival without Waldorf's company (thanks to the benefits of a day job with flexi-time).

Fin Kennedy's "Mehndi Night" (review now posted) performed by a group of Bengali teenagers centres around the night before a traditional Bengali wedding. I enjoy reading Fin's blog but would always have wanted to see this as I love a glimpse into other cultures, although the promise of a free samosa and cup of chai helped.

As well as "Yellow Moon", David Greig also has a new work being performed - "Damascus" (review now posted) which promises "laughter, romance and tragedy" - what more could I ask for?

"The Butler Did It!?" (review now posted) with QMUC students mocks Agatha Christie style whodunnits - a genre that just isn't mocked enough. Hoping this will provide some light relief.

With "Killer Joe" (review now posted) takes us into the world of "trailer trash" which has so much potential I'm trying not to read too much about the show beforehand - I want to go into this without any idea what to expect, although "darkly comic" is always a description that will get my attention.

FourthAngel are a new company and there was just something about "Turn Me To Stone" (review now posted) that caught my eye - yep okay, it was that "darkly comic" label that got me again.

That probably concludes our plans for the 2007 Fringe - 16 shows in total, although there are plenty of other shows we would like to see see but sadly can't make work in our schedules, often due to them having fairly limited runs. In particular, "Tiny Dynamite" still hasn't made our plans - its 9.30pm start time is just that little too late for a comfortable return to Glasgow.

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dylanwolf said...

Many thanks, Statler, for your comment on Clcokwork Orange for the dylanwolf blogspot. I'm a not infrequent visitor to your blog as you seem to have the same sort of enthusiasm for theatre as myself.

Your Edinburgh Fringe previews are a great help as the "Wee Dramas" myself plus two daughters with one boyfriend (not shared!) and one family friend are making our first ever trip to the Fringe this summer and are mightily confused by the abundance on offer! Particularly me, also equally dazzled by the contemporaneous Book Festival.
My biggest current wish is for "Black Watch" to find a venue somewhere south of the border. Preferably the NEC in Birmingham!
Congratulations and thanks for the super blog. Keep it up and I'll weigh in with support whenever I spot you on the Guardian's CiF!

Statler said...

Glad you are finding the Fringe previews useful, although I'm not sure how many I would encourage people to take as recommendations - just bringing a few things to attention, although I would go so far as to recommend "James II" out at Rosslyn Chapel. If you've never been before the "gala" performances with buffet/Q&A and chapel tour are a wonderful experience in themselves, even in the unlikely event that the show disappoints. (It's a late night finish though so not sure if it will be public transport friendly)

London failing to find a home for "Black Watch" has been a disappointment, and I do hope the NTS will give regional venues in England a chance to stage it. Of course you could always use it as an excuse for a New York or LA trip...

S said...

Indeed, I agree with many of the things you mention.

The Traverse looks goo this year, no?

My choices:

Anonymous said...

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