Sunday, August 12, 2007

"Rebus McTaggart: Crimewarrior" - Edinburgh Fringe 2007

After loving last year's debut of Richard Thomson's 'Rebus McTaggart' I not only had high expectations but also a level of confidence that I wasn't going to be disappointed. Thomson has stuck with his winning format as Rebus McTaggart returns to give another lecture on his policing methods, although as McTaggart explains, he has been improving his presentational skills with some acting classes.

Thomson is a master of working and involving an audience - although he was thrown by one particularly stupid audience response, which just made the whole thing even funnier. This show is entirely McTaggart with only one other character used (and even she is McTaggart's portrayal of her). The quality of the show in general is higher and more even than last year, although perhaps it lacks truly a sidesplitting moment - your mileage may vary depending on audience participation.

Highlights for me ere ,the extended mime scene which was brilliantly executed, although the puppet sequence was a close second. The stake-out sequence was overlong without the big pay off it required, but that was the only segment that fell short.

The venue isn't ideal, and some of the routines won't work particularly well for those sitting at the sides, so do try and get seats in the centre bank (although there is a definite price to be paid for this in the interrogation scene). And remember, there is significant audience interaction so you may wish to choose your seat with this in mind.

There was always a danger that this could have been the "difficult second show" for McTaggart but with Thomson's mix of clever routines, a well defined character and masterful audience control it simply sparkled. Looking forward to Part 3 already - if he isn't snapped up as a sitcom before then. But Richard, please bring back Benji the dog for Part 3, we missed him this time round.

Rebus McTaggart:Crimewarrior
runs at the Pleasance Courtyard at 16:45 until 27th (not 15th) and the original show, Rebus McTaggart also returns on the 13th, 17th & 19th at 19:00 in Pleasance Dome.

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Anonymous said...

I saw this show on sat ...... RUBBISH!! the only funny bit was when an memeber of the audience went on stage.