Sunday, August 12, 2007

Suggestions please...

After today's three shows we have one last trip planned on Saturday 25th. We've booked up for The Walworth Farce at 11:00 and Tiny Dynamite at 21:30 (Review now posted) so we have a good bit of time to fill in between. Suggestions/comments welcome.

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Anonymous said...

why not go see Chris Cox at the Gilded Balloon, he's on at 6.30 doing a mind-reading type show which blew me away and seems to be getting good reviews

Waldorf said...

Thanks for the suggestion. It sounds a little too interactive for us, but interesting - we'll check it out.

I'm keen to see Truth in Translation, but it's quite pricey and I've not convinced Statler yet..

Unknown said...


We don't know each other but I saw Rebus McTaggart Crimewarrior on your suggestion and I loved it.

I don't think you're seeing/have seen Story of a Rabbit by Hugh Hughes so I'd like to recommend that. Obviously it's often a question of taste but you have other things on your list that I had also planned to see at the Festival.

Story of a Rabbit is well-written, well-performed and both funny and moving. It made me cry and cry when I saw it - something I've never done in the theatre before. For that reason, I'd go so far as to say it's one of the best things I've ever seen.

If you see it, I hope you find it as moving as I did. (I don't know Hugh Hughes, by the way - this is a genuine recommendation).


Anonymous said...

You must see The End of Everything Ever at the Pleasance Courtyard. Beautiful, hilarious and heartbreaking.