Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Come on Glasgow - "The Pitmen Painters"

Just back from seeing "The Pitmen Painters" at Glasgow's Theatre Royal and we're very disappointed in Glasgow. Yes, we've had some lovely summer weather, and yes, we don't get that too often. But come on, this is a high profile show with a strong reputation that has been well received wherever it has played. It deserves a theatre that is more than half full. We've had a quick check on the ticketing website and it looks like most of the performances currently have similar ticket sales.

It will be tomorrow night before we get the chance to write up our thoughts on the show (now posted here), but we just wanted to quickly highlight that this is a high quality piece of theatre - and maybe encourage a few more people to get along to see it. It would even be worth some of those from further afield making the trip through (Edinburgh people - we're looking at you!).

"The Pitmen Painters" runs in Glasgow until Saturday. Tickets available online or by phone on 0844 871 7647.

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Anonymous said...

Saw it on Monday and it was so good planning to go back on Friday 'standby' - even if I only see the (amazing) closing 5 mins it will be worth it.

tom grimes said...

A thoroughly enjoyable evening. I preferred before the interval which was a bit of a comedy drama to the more serious and thought provoking second part. All of the characters were real people that I have met in my past.