Tuesday, September 26, 2006

"The Collection" (Catch up - April 2006)

We’d very much enjoyed their version of “Damages” in 2005 so we were very keen when Rapture returned to the Citizens with “The Collection” For a show set in the gritty world of loan sharks there are some humourous parts, but the main flow of the show is relentlessly downwards into despair. Given the nature of the subject, it’s not really a performance to “enjoy” but there’s no doubting the quality on show here. Jimmy Chisholm as Lawson is particularly effective at portraying the realisation of the impact his job has on his clients. The show works wonderfully in the intimate setting of the Citizens Circle Studio theatre and the acting is very much tailored to the setting. It has definitely secured Rapture’s place as one of our favourite companies and we’ll be seeing this year’s second offering - “Frozen” soon.