Tuesday, September 26, 2006

"A Limited Run" (Catch up - March 2006)

We saw this one man show at the Citizens' back in March...

I saw Andy Gray perform on stage many years ago along with Gerard Kelly and the rest of the cast of “City Lights” in a stage version of the popular BBC Scotland sitcom of the late 1980s. I hadn’t seen any of his performances since then as I always felt they would be just that bit too “Glasgow” for my taste.

The premise of “A Limited Run” really intrigued me though - the concept being a downsized God living in a bedsit receiving prayers by fax. After speaking with a friend who had seen the show the previous year at the Edinburgh Festival we decided to book up. Andy Gray was brilliant - bringing out the humour and the pathos of the piece, which despite being part of the Comedy Festival actually has some very bleak moments. He’s also a master at controlling an audience - useful on a Friday evening when some of the audience came from the office via the pub. The only disappontment was that the show still retained it’s Festival running time of around 75 minutes with no interval, and I really did feel they could and should have extended it to a “full length” show with interval.
I’m still not sure I would rush back to see Gray in his comedy roles, but I’d love to see him on stage in a dramatic role, because he definitely has the presence to carry it off.

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Waldorf said...

Best line of the night was a put down to some very drunk women in the row in front of us:

It's true what they say, never drink on an empty... head

I've been known to like the odd glass of wine at the interval, but is there anything more irritating than the noisily drunk at the theatre/cinema. I think they just pip the compulsive texters.