Tuesday, September 26, 2006

"The Princess Bride" (Catch up - May 2006)

Despite living in the area for seven years, it took a performance based on one of our favourite films to get us along to Cumbernauld Theatre. It was being done by the Cumbernauld Senior Youth Theatre. I had really high expectations given my love for the source material, and the show surpassed them. Excellent performances all round especially from the young lady playing Inigo, yes that’s right, young lady, and the change really worked well. All the elements from the film were there, some very imaginatively and effectively recreated, but they had also managed to include some additional scenes from the original book which definitely added to the show. Another welcome decision was the way the cast delivered some dialogue “third person” with added internal commentry - difficult to convey but marvellously entertaining to see. The cast were hugely energetic making the most of the many entrances and exits Cumbernauld theatre's in-the-round auditorium provides, and the swordplay of the main cast was little short of magnificent.
Marvellous show, and we'll definitely be back to see what they come up with in future.

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Waldorf said...

We use the internet a lot - that's why we started this blog.

We think it's really important that theatres and companies are encouraged to make use of the internet. When I booked the tickets for The Princess Bride I was asked where I'd heard about the show. They were delighted when I'd said their website as they'd felt no-one looked at it.

So check out websites and let them know when you book that you made use of that important resource.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the kind words! I was the young lady playing Inigo :) Very glad you enjoyed the show.

Statler said...

Glad you stumbled across our little post about the show - I hope you also spotted that you were mentioned as a highlight in our Review of 2006 post. Unfortunately we haven't made it back to any more Cumbernauld Youth Theatre shows as the dates didn't work for us, but we do keep an eye out for them. And if you read this, please do leave your name as you deserve the credit for a wonderful performance.

Anonymous said...

My name is Melissa Deans, I'm not at Cumbernauld Theatre anymore but I'm doing acting at college. I also have heard that the director of the show is re-doing it for the professional stage but I couldn't tell you when or where.
And if you fancy coming along to see Macbeth at the Citz in March, I'm on on tuesday and thursday night :)

Thank you so much again for the mention, you're too kind!

Statler said...

Thanks Melissa - pleased to be able to finally give credit where it's due. We've got a busy couple of weeks around the time of 'Macbeth' and had planned on giving it a miss, but we'll certainly have another look at our schedule and if we can make it along, we certainly will.