Wednesday, September 27, 2006

"Tales from the Arabian Nights" (Catchup - August 2006)

This was the second Scottish Youth Theatre show we saw this year. We'd been disappointed by Man of the Crowd, but had higher hopes for this one. Again this was in the intimate surroundings of the Citizens' Circle Studio. You're right in the middle of the action, especially when it's a production with a relatively large chorus.

The cast were obviously enjoying themselves, and it showed in their performances. Most of the main characters were playing multiple roles but pulled them off. So much so that Statler had to ask who had played one character and didn't believe me when I told him who it was - such was the difference in the portrayal of the two different characters.

It tripped along at a fair pace, with a nice use of props and a limited set. It's amazing the different uses Ikea boxes can be put to!

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Statler said...

I don't think Waldorf's comments have really captured the sheer joy in watching this. The cast's comic timing was excellent and while there weren't any stand outs vocally, they were all more than up to the job. After the disappointment of "Man of the Crowd" this was SYT back how we've grown to love it over recent years.