Tuesday, August 05, 2008

"Call For The Condemned" - Edinburgh Fringe 2008

"Call For The Condemned" from Watchthis is about to receive a very rare thing on View From The Stalls - a short and to the point review. For once I think I'm happy to cut the analysis and just go straight to the bits they may wish for their poster - of which there are quite a few...

It's a spectacularly slick and stylish show full of perfectly crafted demonic personalities trading magnificently offensive insults as they man Hell Inc's call centre providing support to potential evildoers. The entire cast give magnificent performances - but special mentions for Rachel Salisbury's deliciously jealous Leviathan, Eddie Wilson's glorious Manager from Hell, and an impeccable performance by sadly anonymous understudy filling in as Dante. If you like Kevin Smith's "Dogma" you'll love this. Devilishly good stuff.

Seriously - not a bad word to say about this one.

"Call For The Condemned" runs at Rocket @ Demarco Roxy Arthouse at 10pm on even dates until the 24th August.