Tuesday, August 05, 2008

"Creation & all that Jazz" - Edinburgh Fringe 2008

Walking into a venue with a disappointing audience must be heartbreaking for a cast, but for someone there to review a show it produces very mixed emotions. Is word already out that the show you're about to sit through is a disaster? Or could you have just stumbled upon the holy grail of the Fringe - an amazing show that no one is seeing, just waiting for you to spread the word…

This isn't the show I've been searching for - but it's certainly no disaster either. Last Chance Theatre Company's production chronicles JC Construction's efforts to create the Earth, meet their targets within budget and finally determine what to do with it. The first half focuses on creation and evolution and while parts work well, it's as much miss as hit. But the second section really picks up in quality as they attempt to influence the course of humanity and debate how to bring project earth to a satisfactory conclusion. It's all daft stuff but it's also pretty funny and successfully creates something in the mould of "The Mary Whitehouse Experience".

Perhaps not one to make the centre of your plans for the day, but if you've had enough of the serious shows that seem to dominate this year, Creation & All That Jazz might just fill a gap in your schedule rather nicely.

Creation & All That Jazz runs at Augustines until the 25th August at 6pm (excluding the 11th & 18th