Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"The Caravan" - Edinburgh Fringe 2008

In probably the most surreal venue we visited this year, "The Caravan" by Look Left Look Right shows what can be done simply, with good acting, writing and direction. In a well-crafted piece of verbatim theatre we're introduced to the dubious delights of caravan living as a result of the floods that hit large parts of England last year.

Normally only 8 people in an audience at the Fringe would be viewed as a poor result, but "The Caravan" turned this into an asset. Molly Taylor, Davies Palmer, Brett Sadie and Rachel Dale produce some impressive acting as they switch between multiple people who were affected to different extents and in different ways by the floods of Summer 2007. You're taken into confidences, amused and touched by the tales of real people. Considering the large number of daily performances undertaken and the short turnaround between them, the show still seemed fresh even on the last Saturday.

A thoroughly thought provoking and captivating production which will certainly make us keep an eye out for future productions by the company.

Oh, and there were biscuits.

The Caravan has now finished its run at the Pleasance Courtyard, but hopes to tour later in the year.

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